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Advances in orodispersible films for drug delivery
Introduction: Orodispersible films for oral delivery are gaining popularity. Whereas breath-fresheners and over-the-counter products have already become quite common in the US, the first prescriptionExpand
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Orally disintegrating mini-tablets (ODMTs)--a novel solid oral dosage form for paediatric use.
The new European regulations on paediatric medicines and recent WHO recommendations have induced an increased need for research into novel child-appropriate dosage forms. The aim of this study wasExpand
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Playing hide and seek with poorly tasting paediatric medicines: do not forget the excipients.
The development of paediatric medicines can be challenging since this is a diverse patient population with specific needs. For example, the toxicity of excipients may differ in children compared toExpand
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Drug-printing by flexographic printing technology--a new manufacturing process for orodispersible films.
Orodispersible films (ODFs) are intended to disintegrate within seconds when placed onto the tongue. The common way of manufacturing is the solvent casting method. Flexographic printing on drug-freeExpand
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Quality by design approach for optimizing the formulation and physical properties of extemporaneously prepared orodispersible films.
The quality by design (QbD) approach was applied for optimizing the formulation of extemporaneously prepared orodispersible films (ODFs) using Design-Expert® Software. The starting formulation wasExpand
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Taste sensing systems (electronic tongues) for pharmaceutical applications.
Electronic tongues are sensor array systems able to detect single substances as well as complex mixtures by means of particular sensor membranes and electrochemical techniques. Expand
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Favorable acceptance of mini-tablets compared with syrup: a randomized controlled trial in infants and preschool children.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate acceptability of 2 mm solid dosage forms (mini-tablets) as an alternative administration modality in young children in comparison with syrup. STUDY DESIGN Three hundred sixExpand
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Oral drug delivery in personalized medicine: unmet needs and novel approaches.
Increasing knowledge into personalized medicine has demonstrated the need for individual dosing. Drug dosage forms are urgently needed enabling an individual therapy, especially for oral drugExpand
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Mechanical strength test for orodispersible and buccal films.
There are no test procedures, definitions and specifications available how to determine mechanical strength of orodispersible or buccal films. Aim of the study was to develop an appropriate andExpand
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Prediction of Intestinal Drug Absorption Properties by Three-Dimensional Solubility Parameters
  • J. Breitkreutz
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  • 1 September 1998
AbstractPurpose. The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of solubility parameters for the prediction of gastrointestinal absorption sites and absorption durations of drugs. Methods.Expand
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