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The Burden of Trafalgar: Decisive Battle and Naval Strategic Expectations on the Eve of the First World War
Abstract : This paper is written as part of a book-length study, currently in progress, of the origins and development of naval offensive thinking during the five decades or so leading up to theExpand
War as We Knew It: The Real Revolution in Military Affairs, Understanding Paralysis in Military Operations
Abstract : This paper is an exploration of the nature of war in the future. In particular, it explores the symptoms of what appears to be a transition, in thought and practice, from a way of warfareExpand
Identification and Measurement of U.S. Interests Abroad: A Quantitative Analysis of U.S. Stakes at the Subtheater Level and Their Relative Vulnerability to Local Conflict. Executive Summary
Abstract : This is volume 2 of the study to develop a systematic means for rank- ordering foreign countries on the basis of U.S. interest abroad. Six independent dimensions of the U.S. stake at theExpand
Anti-submarine warfare : a strategy primer
Abstract : This report reviews the naval planner's basic menu of operational anti submarine warfare (ASW) strategical choices. Basic ASW strategies, discussed from a historical perspective, are: (1)Expand
The Maritime Strategy Debates: A Guide to the Renaissance of U.S. Naval Strategic in the 1980s. Revision 2
Abstract : This is the second revised and expanded edition of the Maritime Strategy Debates: A Guide to the Renaissance of U.S. Naval Strategic Thinking in the 1980's. This report expands uponExpand
Rethinking the Soviet Navy
Soviet naval capabilities