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Losartan influences behavioural effects of angiotensin II in rats.
The role of the angiotensin AT1 receptors in certain behavioural effects of angiotensin II (Ang II), using their selective antagonist losartan (DuP 753), was assessed. Ang II, givenExpand
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Angiotensin ii-(3–8)-hexapeptide affects motor activity, performance of passive avoidance and a conditioned avoidance response in rats
Angiotensin II-(3-8)-hexapeptide, at the dose of 1 nmol given intracerebroventricularly, only slightly less than angiotensin II (the same dose and route) stimulated exploratory locomotor behaviour inExpand
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Psychotropic effects of angiotensin II and III in rats: Locomotor and exploratory vs cognitive behaviour
One nmol of angiotensin II (AII) or angiotensin III (AIII) given intracerebroventricularly (i.c.v.) increased locomotor and exploratory activity in an open field apparatus but not in theExpand
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Effect of angiotensin II and saralasin on motor activity and the passive avoidance behavior of rats
One nmole of angiotensin II (ANG II) or saralasin, given intracerebroventricularly, failed to alter the motor activity of rats in open field. A combined injection of both peptides caused aExpand
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Moclobemide enhances aversively motivated learning and memory in rats.
Moclobemide belongs to a new class of short-acting reversible monoamine oxidase type A inhibitors with antidepressant activity. Male Wistar rats (180-220 g) were administered single and multipleExpand
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The 3–7 fragment of angiotensin II is probably responsible for its psychoactive properties
The abilities of angiotensin II-(3-7)-pentapeptide (A-II-(3-7), 1 nmol) and angiotensin II (A-II, 1 nmol) to influence rat's psychomotor and cognitive behaviours were compared. Both peptides, givenExpand
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Effect of angiotensin II on the passive avoidance performance in rats after bilateral 6-OHDA lesions to the hippocampus and olfactory tubercle.
Our earlier experiments have shown that the facilitating action of angiotensin II (AII) on recall of passive avoidance is mediated by dopaminergic systems. In an attempt to find the site of action ofExpand
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Intrastriatal kainic acid: acute effects on electrophysiological and biochemical measures of nigrostriatal dopaminergic activity.
The acute effects of intrastriatal kainic acid injection in nigrostriatal dopamine cell activity were assessed using electrophysiological and biochemical techniques. One hour after kainic acidExpand
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6-OHDA lesions to amygdala and hippocampus attenuate memory-enhancing effect of the 3-7 fragment of angiotensin II.
We have previously shown that facilitatory effect of angiotensin II (AII) on the retrieval of memory is mediated by the dopaminergic system. In the present study, we searched for the influence of theExpand
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Losartan influences behavioural effects of angiotensin II(3-7) in rats.
We have previously shown that angiotensin II(3-7) [Ang II(3-7)] stimulates behavioural activity of rats similar to angiotensin II (Ang II). The involvement of AT1 angiotensin receptors in stimulatingExpand
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