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Universal sex differences in the desire for sexual variety: tests from 52 nations, 6 continents, and 13 islands.
Evolutionary psychologists have hypothesized that men and women possess both long-term and short-term mating strategies, with men's short-term strategy differentially rooted in the desire for sexualExpand
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Patterns and Universals of Adult Romantic Attachment Across 62 Cultural Regions
As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, a total of 17,804 participants from 62 cultural regions completedthe RelationshipQuestionnaire(RQ), a self-reportmeasure of adultExpand
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You can judge a book by its cover: the sequel.: A kernel of truth in predictive cheating detection
Abstract In accordance with evolutionary models of social exchange, we suggest the possible existence of a limited predictive cheater detection module. This module enables humans, to a certainExpand
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Patterns and universals of mate poaching across 53 nations: the effects of sex, culture, and personality on romantically attracting another person's partner.
As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, 16,954 participants from 53 nations were administered an anonymous survey about experiences with romantic attraction. MateExpand
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Fatal attraction: the intuitive appeal of GMO opposition.
Public opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) remains strong. By contrast, studies demonstrate again and again that GM crops make a valuable contribution to the development of aExpand
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Celebrities: From Teachers to Friends
In this paper we present two compatible hypotheses to explain interest in celebrity gossip. The Learning Hypothesis explains interest in celebrity gossip as a by-product of an evolved mechanismExpand
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Livelihoods, power, and food insecurity: adaptation of social capital portfolios in protracted crises--case study Burundi.
The failure of food security and livelihood interventions to adapt to conflict settings remains a key challenge in humanitarian responses to protracted crises. This paper proposes a social capitalExpand
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The Implications of the Cognitive Sciences for the Relation Between Religion and Science Education: The Case of Evolutionary Theory
This paper discusses the relationship between religion and science education in the light of the cognitive sciences. We challenge the popular view that science and religion are compatible, a viewExpand
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Dealing with creationist challenges. What European biology teachers might expect in the classroom
Creationists are becoming more active in Europe. We expect that European biology teachers will be more frequently challenged by students who introduce creationist misconceptions of evolutionaryExpand
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Future of keeping pet reptiles and amphibians: towards integrating animal welfare, human health and environmental sustainability
The keeping of exotic pets is currently under debate and governments of several countries are increasingly exploring the regulation, or even the banning, of exotic pet keeping. Major concerns areExpand
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