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Beamspace MIMO for Millimeter-Wave Communications: System Architecture, Modeling, Analysis, and Measurements
This paper presents a framework for physically-accurate computational modeling and analysis of CAP-MIMO, and reports measurement results on a DLA-based prototype for multimode line-of-sight communication. Expand
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The Craft of Interviewing
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An asynchronous cell library for operation in wide-temperature & ionizing-radiation environments
An asynchronous NULL Convention Logic (NCL) gate library is developed for applications in space environment with temperatures ranging from -196° C to 125° C with radiation exposure. To furtherExpand
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A 100ns 64K dynamic RAM using redundancy techniques
A 64K×1 dynamic RAM with 100ns access time, fault-tolerant circuitry, high-speed serial data output and on-chip refresh circuitry, without the use of pin 1 for control. Expand
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Criteria for successful composite resin restorations.
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Discrete lens array modeling and design for optimum MIMO communications at mm-wave
This paper discusses the design, fabrication, and analysis of a prototype DLA-based CAP-MIMO system, using both analytical and measurement results. Expand
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Altered Photosynthetic Pigment Complements in Mutants of the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus Sp. Spp 7002
The photosynthetic membranes of cyanobacteria respond readily to external stresses and stimuli. These responses have provided clues to the functional organization of their membranes. The amounts andExpand
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Dry tips: an improved aid to saliva control and measurement.
  • J. Brady
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  • 1 August 1986
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Asynchronous and synchronous designs for low-power FDSOI CMOS process optimized for subthreshold operation at 0.3V VDD
Power consumption and heat generation in CMOS-based ICs are the dominating factors affecting the system's performance and reliability. Many power reduction techniques, e.g., supply voltage scaling,Expand
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