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Devolution and party change: Candidate selection for the 1999 Scottish parliament and Welsh assembly elections
The article analyses the candidate selection procedures of each of the major parties in the run‐up to the 1999 Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections, assessing the extent to which theyExpand
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British Statewide Parties and Multilevel Politics
The article addresses how Britain's major statewide political parties—Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats—adapted to political devolution in Scotland and Wales. It explores partyExpand
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Candidate selection, devolution and modernization: The selection of labour party candidates for the 1999 Scottish parliament and welsh assembly elections
Describes the selection of Labour Party candidates for the 1999 Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections.
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Territory and Power Revisited: Theorising Territorial Politics in the United Kingdom after Devolution
The article seeks to contribute to theoretical analysis of political decentralisation in the UK occasioned by devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in 1998–9. It examines theExpand
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Jim Bulpitt's Territory and Power in the United Kingdom and Interpreting Political Development: Bringing the State and Temporal Analysis Back In
  • J. Bradbury
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  • 1 July 2010
Abstract This article addresses the relative neglect of Territory and Power in informing the study of general state political development, both as a theoretical approach and in its application to theExpand
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Political recruitment and the 2003 Scottish and Welsh elections: candidate selection, positive discrimination and party adaptation
Abstract Party candidate selection procedures for Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections, in addition to a traditional concern to recruit effective politicians, have been viewed as a meansExpand
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Devolution: New Politics for Old?
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State Devolution and National Identity: Continuity and Change in the Politics of Welshness and Britishness in Wales
Wales is one of the principal cases in Europe where the stateless nation enjoys relatively high levels of identification relative to the state, and is a key focus for addressing identity politics inExpand
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Devolution and party organization in the UK: Statewide parties and statewide-regional branch relations over candidate selection in Scotland and Wales
An analysis of the implications of devolution for party organization has to confront the core issue of candidate selection. As Schattschneider famously remarked, ‘the nominating process has becomeExpand
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