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  • J. Bračič
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  • Glasgow Mathematical Journal
  • 1 May 2003
In this paper we introduce simple multipliers, a special subclass of multipliers on a Banach module. We show that, from a local spectral point of view, these multipliers behave like multipliers on aExpand
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On positive commutators
Let A and B be positive operators on a Banach lattice such that the commutator C = AB − BA is also positive. We study the size of the spectrum of C.
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Local spectrum and local spectral radius of an operator at a fixed vector
Let X be a complex Banach space and e ∈ X a nonzero vector. Then the set of all operators T ∈ L(X) with σT (e) = σδ(T ), respectively rT (e) = r(T ), is residual. This is an analogy to the well knownExpand
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On Automatic Continuity of 3-Homomorphisms on Banach Algebras
A linear map ' : A ! B between (Banach) algebras is called 3- homomorphism if '(abc) = '(a)'(b)'(c) for each a,b,c 2 A. We investigate 3- homomorphisms on Banach algebras with bounded approximateExpand
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Reflexivity of the commutant and local commutants of an algebraic operator
We show that an algebraic operator on a complex Banach space has reflexive commutant if and only if each zero of the minimal polynomial of the operator is simple. Further, for any operator, the localExpand
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The commuting graph of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space
An operator T on the separable infinite-dimensional Hilbert space is constructed so that the commutant of every operator which is not a scalar multiple of the identity operator and commutes with TExpand
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Reflexivity defect of spaces of linear operators
Abstract For a finite-dimensional linear subspace S ⊆ L ( V , W ) and a positive integer k , the k -reflexivity defect of S is defined by rd k ( S ) = dim ( Ref k ( S ) / S ) , where Ref k ( S ) isExpand
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Representations and Derivations of Modules
In this article we define and study derivations between bimodules. In particular, we define the Gelfand radical of a Banach bimodule and show that, under some reasonable conditions, every derivationExpand
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Arens Regularity and Weakly Compact Operators
We explore the relation between Arens regularity of a bilinear operator and the weak compactness of the related linear operators. Since every bilinear operator has natural factorization through theExpand
Short Term Hydrotechnical Risk Control Measures Used During the Implementation of Watercourse Pipe Replacement Projects
Pipeline watercourse crossings are designed according to the best available industry/technical standards at the time of construction. Older pipeline systems were typically installed without theExpand