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Development of a Single-Sided Flux Magnetic Coupler for Electric Vehicle IPT Charging Systems
Leakage magnetic fields have been investigated and show that circular and DD couplers operating under similar power transfer conditions produce similar levels. Expand
Inductive Power Transfer
  • G. Covic, J. Boys
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the IEEE
  • 2 April 2013
The paper looks at the background to IPT and how its development was based on sound engineering principles leading on to factory automation and growing to a $1 billion industry in the process. Expand
Design and Optimization of Circular Magnetic Structures for Lumped Inductive Power Transfer Systems
A solution that enables safe, efficient, and convenient overnight recharging of electric vehicles is needed. Inductive power transfer (IPT) is capable of meeting these needs, however, the mainExpand
Modern Trends in Inductive Power Transfer for Transportation Applications
  • G. Covic, J. Boys
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in…
  • 21 May 2013
Inductive power transfer (IPT) has progressed to be a power distribution system offering significant benefits in modern automation systems and particularly so in stringent environments. Here, theExpand
Stability and control of inductively coupled power transfer systems
Inductively coupled power transmission (ICPT) is becoming an accepted technique for transferring power from an extended loop (track) to a number of galvanically isolated movable pickup coils.Expand
10 kHz inductively coupled power transfer-concept and control
Electric vehicles are used throughout the materials handling industry because they are low cost, reliable, inoffensive, and simple to control compared to alternative forms of motive power. ButExpand
A new IPT magnetic coupler for electric vehicle charging systems
Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) is a practical method for recharging Electric Vehicles (EVs) because is it safe, efficient and convenient. Couplers or Power Pads are the power transmitters andExpand
A Three-Phase Inductive Power Transfer System for Roadway-Powered Vehicles
A prototype system was constructed to verify the feasibility of the new three-phase bipolar inductive power transfer system that provides power across the entire width of a roadway surface for automatic guided vehicles and people mover systems. Expand
Current-forced single-phase reversible rectifier
A 7 kW voltage-sourced reversible rectifier (VSRR) which achieves bidirectional power flow between a single-phase AC supply and a DC busbar voltage is described. A current-forced control (CFC)Expand
Development and evaluation of single sided flux couplers for contactless electric vehicle charging
Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) is a practical and preferable method for recharging stationary and moving Electric Vehicles (EV) because it is safe, convenient and reliable. The performance of theExpand