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High speed quantum-well lasers and carrier transport effects
Carrier transport can significantly affect the high-speed properties of quantum-well lasers. The authors have developed a model and derived analytical expressions for the modulation response,
All-optical label swapping networks and technologies
All-optical label swapping is a promising approach to ultra-high packet-rate routing and forwarding directly in the optical layer. In this paper, we review results of the DARPA Next Generation
Roadmap on Optical Communications
16 researchers, each a world-leading expert in their respective subfields, to contribute a section to this invited review article, summarizing their views on state-of-the-art and future developments in optical communications.
Monolithic germanium/silicon avalanche photodiodes with 340 GHz gain-bandwidth product
Significant progress has been made recently in demonstrating that silicon photonics is a promising technology for low-cost optical detectors, modulators and light sources1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.
Electrically pumped hybrid AlGaInAs-silicon evanescent laser.
An electrically pumped AlGaInAs-silicon evanescent laser architecture where the laser cavity is defined solely by the silicon waveguide and needs no critical alignment to the III-V active material during fabrication via wafer bonding is reported.
Ultrawide-band long-wavelength p-i-n photodetectors
We compare different designs for very high-speed (millimeter-wave) long-wavelength photodetectors, different materials for such detectors, and different ways of characterizing the speed of these
Recent progress in lasers on silicon
Silicon lasers have long been a goal for semiconductor scientists. This Progress Article reviews the most recent developments in this field, including silicon Raman lasers, the first
Novel concept for ultracompact polarization splitter-rotator based on silicon nanowires.
A novel concept for an ultracompact polarization splitter-rotator is proposed by utilizing a structure combining an adiabatic taper and an asymmetrical directional coupler, which is compatible with the standard fabrication for the regular photonic integrated circuits based on SOI nanowires.
Integrated microwave photonics
  • J. Bowers
  • Computer Science
    International Topical Meeting on Microwave…
  • 1 October 2015
This work addresses narrow-linewidth tunable lasers as one of key components of low phase noise photonic microwave signal generators and shows the possibility of achieving sub-kHz linewidths by utilizing on-chip high-Q ring resonators.
Ultra-low-loss high-aspect-ratio Si3N4 waveguides.
An approach to make ultra-low-loss waveguides using stable and reproducible stoichiometric Si3N4 deposited with low-pressure chemical vapor deposition is characterized, projecting that 0.1 dB/m total propagation loss is achievable at a 7 mm bend radius with this approach.