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A Census of the Young Cluster IC 348
We present a new census of the stellar and substellar members of the young cluster IC 348. We have obtained images at I and Z for a 42' × 28' field encompassing the cluster and have combined theseExpand
Stellar magnetism: empirical trends with age and rotation
We investigate how the observed large-scale surface magnetic fields of low-mass stars (∼0.1– 2M� ), reconstructed through Zeeman–Doppler imaging, vary with age t, rotation and Xray emission. OurExpand
Brown dwarfs in the Pleiades cluster: Clues to the substellar mass function ,
We present the results of a 6.4 square degrees imaging survey of the Pleiades cluster in the I and Z-bands. The survey extends up to 3 degrees from the cluster center and is 90% complete down to I �Expand
An Edge-on Circumstellar Disk in the Young Binary System HK Tauri
Hubble Space Telescope (HST) images of HK Tauri reveal that the companion star in this 24 (340 AU) pre-main-sequence binary system is an entirely nebulous object at visual wavelengths. HK Tau/cExpand
Improved angular momentum evolution model for solar-like stars II. Exploring the mass dependence
We developed angular momentum evolution models for 0.5 and 0.8 $M_{\odot}$ stars. The parametric models include a new wind braking law based on recent numerical simulations of magnetised stellarExpand
Magnetospheric accretion on the T Tauri star BP Tauri
From observations collected with the ESPaDOnS and NARVAL spectropolarimeters, we report the detection of Zeeman signatures on the classical T Tauri star BP Tau. Circular polarisation signatures inExpand
Magnetic fields and accretion flows on the classical T Tauri star V2129 Oph
From observations collected with the ESPaDOnS spectropolarimeter, we report the discovery of magnetic fields at the surface of the mildly accreting classical T Tauri star V2129 Oph. Zeeman signaturesExpand
Eclipses by circumstellar material in the T Tauri star AA Tau II. Evidence for non-stationary magnetospheric accretion ?
We report the results of a synoptic study of the photometric and spectroscopic variability of the classical T Tauri star AA Tau on timescales ranging from a few hours to several weeks. The AA TauExpand
Improved angular momentum evolution model for solar-like stars
Context. Understanding the origin and evolution of stellar angular momentum is one of the major challenges of stellar physics. Aims. We present new models for the rotational evolution of solar-likeExpand
Keck Spectra of Brown Dwarf Candidates and a Precise Determination of the Lithium Depletion Boundary in the Alpha Persei Open Cluster
We have identified twenty-seven candidate very low mass members of the relatively young Alpha Persei open cluster from a six square degree CCD imaging survey. Based on their I magnitudes and theExpand