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Design and use of software architectures - adopting and evolving a product-line approach
  • J. Bosch
  • Computer Science, Art
  • 29 May 2000
This chapter discusses Software Architecture and Product Lines and the design of Software Architectures and its transformation into Family-Based System Development.
From software product lines to software ecosystems
  • J. Bosch
  • Computer Science, Business
  • 24 August 2009
This paper discusses the emerging trend of software ecosystems and provides an overview of the key concepts and implications of adopting a software ecosystem approach, and defines the notion ofSoftware ecosystems and introduces a taxonomy.
A Taxonomy of Blockchain-Based Systems for Architecture Design
This taxonomy captures major architectural characteristics of blockchains and the impact of their principal design decisions and is intended to help with important architectural considerations about the performance and quality attributes of blockchain-based systems.
Software Architecture as a Set of Architectural Design Decisions
  • A. Jansen, J. Bosch
  • Computer Science
    5th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software…
  • 6 November 2005
A new perspective on software architecture is presented, which views software architecture as a composition of a set of explicit design decisions, which makes architectural design decisions an explicit part of a software architecture.
On the notion of variability in software product lines
The authors provide a framework of terminology and concepts regarding variability and present three recurring patterns of variability, which they suggest a method for managing variability in software product lines.
Architecting for usability: a survey
A taxonomy of variability realization techniques
The factors that are relevant in determining how to implement variability, and a taxonomy of variability realization techniques are described, are described and presented.
Climbing the "Stairway to Heaven" -- A Mulitiple-Case Study Exploring Barriers in the Transition from Agile Development towards Continuous Deployment of Software
A multiple-case study in which barriers associated with the transition towards continuous deployment are explored and key barriers in this transition as well as actions that need to be taken to address these are presented.