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Distribution of iron, cobalt, zinc and selenium in macrofungi
Samples of wild growing ectomycorrhizal and terrestrial saprobic macrofungi (mushrooms) were collected from unpolluted areas and analyzed for their iron, cobalt, zinc and selenium content. TraceExpand
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Macro and trace mineral constituents and radionuclides in mushrooms: health benefits and risks
This article reviews and updates data on macro and trace elements and radionuclides in edible wild-grown and cultivated mushrooms. A huge biodiversity of mushrooms and spread of certain species overExpand
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A quest for indigenous truffle helper prokaryotes.
Tuber aestivum is the most common European truffle with significant commercial exploitation. Its production originates from natural habitats and from artificially inoculated host tree plantations.Expand
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Uranium, thorium and rare earth elements in macrofungi: what are the genuine concentrations?
Concentrations of uranium, thorium and rare earth elements (REE) in 36 species of ectomycorrhizal (26 samples) and saprobic (25 samples) macrofungi from unpolluted sites with differing bedrockExpand
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Bioaccumulation of silver in ectomycorrhizal and saprobic macrofungi from pristine and polluted areas.
Macrofungi are effective accumulators of Ag. This study provides a comprehensive review of this phenomenon supported by original data on the Ag concentrations of macrofungi from pristine andExpand
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Hyperaccumulation of silver by Amanita strobiliformis and related species of the section Lepidella.
Two ectomycorrhizal macrofungal Amanita species of the section Lepidella, A. strobiliformis and A. solitaria, were found to hyperaccumulate silver (Ag). All samples were collected fromExpand
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Antimony content of macrofungi from clean and polluted areas.
Species of macrofungi (mushrooms) were collected from clean areas and analyzed for their antimony content. These were compared to species collected from extremely polluted areas in the vicinity of aExpand
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Value of old forest attributes related to cryptogam species richness in temperate forests: A quantitative assessment
Changes in temperate forest ecosystems resulting from a long history of forest exploitation may severely impact current cryptogam diversity. We documented the distribution of cryptogams inExpand
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Do macrofungi accumulate uranium
Samples of saprotrophic (24 species) and ectomycorrhizal (26 species) macrofungi were collected from a U-polluted Norway spruce plantation and analyzed for the metals content. Concentrations ofExpand
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Taxonomic update of Clitocybula sensu lato with a new generic classification.
The taxonomy and phylogeny of the hydropoid clade (genera Clitocybula s.l., Megacollybia, Leucoinocybe gen. nov., Hydropus, Trogia, Gerronema, Porotheleum and Lignomphalia gen. nov.) in Europe isExpand
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