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Energy requirements, interactions and distinctions in the mechanisms for transport of various nucleosides in Escherichia coli.
Abstract The transport of cytidine and uridine in Escherichia coli, like that of adenosine, is sensitive to energy poisons and apparently can be coupled to energy metabolism. The depletion of energyExpand
Intercalation of permeases during membrane growth.
Abstract Cells were grown so that carbohydrate permeases of different specificity are incorporated into the growing membrane. The present results, together with a retraction of a previous result,Expand
The interaction between permeases as a tool to find their relationship on the membrane.
Abstract When cells which are constitutive for galactoside permease are grown in glucose-containing media, permeases for both are synthesized. Substrates for the glucose permease now inhibit theExpand
Reductive claisen rearrangements of anthraquinone allyl ethers
Abstract Gentle heating of allyloxyanthraquinones with sodium dithionite in dimethylformanide - water effects a rapid and controlled rearrangement to give high yields of 2-allyanthraquinones.
pneumatic valve or electro-pneumatic multifunction