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A "case control" study on the rôle of HLA DR4 in severe periodontitis and rapidly progressive periodontitis. Identification of types and subtypes using molecular biology (PCR.SSO).
HLA DR4 antigens have been considered as a risk factor in periodontal disease. The aim of this "case control" study was to verify and to provide fuller clarification of such data. "Cases" or patientsExpand
Oral functional characteristics and gastrointestinal pathology: an epidemiological approach.
One of the main problems for aged people is that of having a balanced diet, improved by correct conditioning of the alimentary bolus. Does the masticatory status influence the appearance ofExpand
[Lifestyles and oral health in Fulani populations of Ferlo in Senegal].
BACKGROUND The population of Ferlo consists mainly of Fulani, whose lifestyle is characterized by nomadism and cattle breeding. The aim of this work was to study their dietary, living, and hygieneExpand
The influence of gingival stimulation on recovery from human experimental gingivitis.
The present study concerns an investigation carried out to determine the effects of gingival stimulation on the resolution of a human experimental gingivitis. 10 young male dental studentsExpand
A clinical approach to gingival stimulation.
The role played by gingival stimulation has not yet been clearly explained. This experiment shows (1) that even with regular stimulation of the gingiva with a toothbrush, gingival inflammationExpand
Socio-cultural aspects of oral health among the Fulani in Ferlo (Senegal): A qualitative study
Abstract Objectives. Health is a subjective concept that considers the social, cultural, environmental and behavioural problems of the individual. This study was conducted with the objective ofExpand
Polymetallism and osseointegration in oral implantology: pilot study on primate.
In oral implantology, successful results in osseointegration are obtained in the medium term (6-12 months) with commercially pure titanium implants. However, current superstructures can be of aExpand
Speech intelligibility in patients with complete dentures according to the material used.
The principal purpose of this study was to investigate the speech of two edentulous subjects fitted with a complete maxillary prosthesis made of three different palatal materials: aluminium, resin,Expand
Alveolar bone loss and ageing: possible association with coronary heart diseases and/or severe vascular diseases.
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to utilise a new methodological approach based on radiographic examinations to demonstrate a potential association between coronary heart diseases (CHD) asExpand
Characteristics and prediction of the alveolar bone loss: essay of modeling.
The alveolar bone loss is a phenomenon which intervenes throughout the life and which can be aggravated by the action of individual and behavioural factors. From this observation we shall try toExpand