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Neural mechanisms of birdsong memory
The process through which young male songbirds learn the characteristics of the songs of an adult male of their own species has strong similarities with speech acquisition in human infants. BothExpand
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  • J. Bolhuis
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical…
  • 1 November 1991
Filial imprinting is the process through which early social preferences become restricted to a particular object or class of objects. Evidence is presented showing that filial preferences are formedExpand
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Evolution, brain, and the nature of language
Language serves as a cornerstone for human cognition, yet much about its evolution remains puzzling. Recent research on this question parallels Darwin's attempt to explain both the unity of allExpand
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Localized neuronal activation in the zebra finch brain is related to the strength of song learning.
Songbirds (Oscines) learn their songs from a tutor. It is not known where in the brain the memories of these learned sounds are stored. Recent evidence suggests that song perception in songbirdsExpand
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Songs to syntax: the linguistics of birdsong
Unlike our primate cousins, many species of bird share with humans a capacity for vocal learning, a crucial factor in speech acquisition. There are striking behavioural, neural and geneticExpand
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An Analysis of the Neural Representation of Birdsong Memory
Songbirds, such as zebra finches, learn their song from a tutor early in life. Forebrain nuclei in the “song system” are important for the acquisition and production of song. Brain regions [includingExpand
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Twitter evolution: converging mechanisms in birdsong and human speech
Vocal imitation in human infants and in some orders of birds relies on auditory-guided motor learning during a sensitive period of development. It proceeds from 'babbling' (in humans) and 'subsong'Expand
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Localized brain activation specific to auditory memory in a female songbird
Song acquisition in songbird males is a prominent model system for the study of the brain mechanisms of memory. Male zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata) learn their songs from an adult conspecificExpand
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Sexual equality in zebra finch song preference: evidence for a dissociation between song recognition and production learning
Song in oscine birds is a culturally inherited mating signal and sexually dimorphic. From differences in song production learning, sex differences in song recognition learning have been inferred butExpand
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Retrograde Amnesia and Memory Reactivation in Rats with Ibotenate Lesions to the Hippocampus or Subiculum
The retrograde effects of hippocampal lesions on spatial memory were studied. Rats were given a series of 48 place-navigation trials in an open-field water-maze followed, either 3 days or 14 weeksExpand
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