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Evaluation of a rapid technique for detecting minor tranquilizers.
Abstract A technique, based on the inhibition by foot-shocks of a simple ongoing behaviour in mice (ambulation), is suggested for the preliminary screening of the minor tranquilizers. The effect of aExpand
Potent antidopaminergic activity of estradiol at the pituitary level on prolactin release.
Prior incubation of rat anterior pituitary cells with 17beta-estradiol led to an almost complete reversal of the inhibitory effect of two dopamine agonists, dihydroergocornine and RU 24213, on bothExpand
A new method for rapid screening of minor tranquillizers in mice.
It was found that, among the various psychotropic drugs studied, only chlordiazepoxide, diazepam, meprobamate and phenobarbital increased the number of punished crossings whereas imorphine decreased it. Expand
Circling behaviour induced by dopamine releasers and/or uptake inhibitors during degeneration of the nigrostriatal pathway.
It was concluded that drugs inducing contralateral turns during degeneration of the nigrostriatal DA pathway predominantly release newly-synthetized DA independently of nerve impulse flow whilst ipsilateral turns are either triggered by inhibiting of DA uptake or by the release of the reserpine-sensitive pool of DA, both on the intact side. Expand
Differential inotropic--chronotropic action of thyronamine.
The results suggest that thyronamine acts mainly by releasing endogenous catecholamines acting on β-adrenergic inotropic receptors, and suggest that the β 1 -type adrenoceptors are not homogeneous and that inotropic and chronotropic receptors may differ from each other. Expand
The distribution of bound propranolol between the different human serum proteins.
The results showed that both saturable and nonsaturable binding phenomena exist in serum, and propranolol and erythromycin were found to probably share the same or a close binding site on α1-AGP. Expand
Activity of two new potent dopaminergic agonists at the striatal and anterior pituitary levels
The present data indicate that these two new drugs have potent dopaminergic activity at the striatal and anterior pituitary levels and therefore have a potential therapeutic activity for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and prolactin-secreting adenomas. Expand
Benzamides and classical neuroleptics: comparison of their actions using 6 apomorphine-induced effects.
The effects of 6 benzamides and 8 classical neuroleptics were studied on 6 different apomorphine-induced effects and the differences are discussed according to the two types of dopaminergic receptor hypothesis. Expand
[Action of caffeine on the spontaneous motility of the mouse].
  • J. Boissier, P. Simon
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de…
  • 1 November 1965