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Thyroid cancer after exposure to external radiation: a pooled analysis of seven studies.
The thyroid gland of children is especially vulnerable to the carcinogenic action of ionizing radiation. To provide insights into various modifying influences on risk, seven major studies with organExpand
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Second cancers among 40,576 testicular cancer patients: focus on long-term survivors.
BACKGROUND Although second primary cancers are a leading cause of death among men with testicular cancer, few studies have quantified risks among long-term survivors. METHODS Within 14Expand
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Breast cancer following radiotherapy and chemotherapy among young women with Hodgkin disease.
CONTEXT Second cancer is the leading cause of death in long-term survivors of Hodgkin disease (HD), with exceptionally high risks of breast cancer among women treated at a young age. QuantitativeExpand
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Lung cancer following chemotherapy and radiotherapy for Hodgkin's disease.
BACKGROUND Lung cancer is a frequent cause of death in patients cured of Hodgkin's disease, but the contributions of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and smoking are not well described. We quantified theExpand
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Radiation Effects on Breast Cancer Risk: A Pooled Analysis of Eight Cohorts
Abstract Preston, D. L., Mattsson, A., Holmberg, E., Shore, R., Hildreth, N. G. and Boice, J. D., Jr. Radiation Effects on Breast Cancer Risk: A Pooled Analysis of Eight Cohorts. Radiat. Res. 158,Expand
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Tumors of the brain and nervous system after radiotherapy in childhood.
We investigated the relation between radiotherapy in childhood for tinea capitis and the later development of tumors of the brain and nervous system among 10,834 patients treated between 1948 andExpand
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A population-based case-control study of thyroid cancer.
A population-based case-control interview study of thyroid cancer (159 cases and 285 controls) was conducted in Connecticut. Prior radiotherapy to the head or neck was reported by 12% of the casesExpand
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Risk of leukemia after chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer.
BACKGROUND Few studies have evaluated the late effects of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer. Moreover, the relation between the risk of leukemia and the amount of drug given and the interactionExpand
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Solid cancers after bone marrow transplantation.
BACKGROUND The late effects of bone marrow transplantation, including cancer, need to be determined in a large population at risk. METHODS We studied 19,229 patients who received allogeneicExpand
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Study design and cohort characteristics of the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study: a multi-institutional collaborative project.
BACKGROUND Increased attention has been directed toward the long-term health outcomes of survivors of childhood cancer. To facilitate such research, a multi-institutional consortium established theExpand
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