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Structure and Discretion: Missing Links in Representative Bureaucracy
Studies of representative bureaucracy highlight both passive and active forms of representation. Passive representation refers to similarities in demographic characteristics between bureaucrats andExpand
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Goal Displacement: Assessing the Motivation for Organizational Cheating
Policy making at all levels of government has become much more complex over the past three decades. Governments are responsible for maintaining economic stability, combating racial discrimination,Expand
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Examining the Impact of Charter Schools on Performance in Traditional Public Schools
  • J. Bohte
  • Political Science
  • 1 November 2004
Charter schools have grown in popularity, as both citizens and government officials search for ways to improve public education in America. Much of the research on charter schools focuses on academicExpand
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Span of Control and Public Organizations: Implementing Luther Gulick’s Research Design
In Luther Gulick’s classic essay “Notes on the Theory of Organization,” he argued that span of control structures relationships between leaders and subordinates in organizations. Commenting on theExpand
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Ode to Luther Gulick
Early management scholars such as Henri Fayol, Lydal Urwick, and Luther Gulick argued that principles such as specialization of labor and hierarchical leadership structures would result in optimalExpand
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Not With A Bang, But A Whimper
This article uses an ideal stereotypical approach to examine the process of the organizational failures. Private sector stereotypes of government organizations are used to generate hypotheses aboutExpand
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School Bureaucracy and Student Performance at the Local Level
Scholars, political officials, the media, and the public have paid a great deal of attention to the topic of school choice in recent years. Scholarly attention has focused primarily on whether aExpand
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Applied statistics for public and nonprofit administration
Little background in statistics or research methods? No problem. APPLIED STATISTICS FOR PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT ADMINISTRATION is written especially for students and practitioners like you. AllExpand
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One Voice Among Many: The Supreme Court's Influence on Attentiveness to Issues in the United States, 1947-92
Theory: As with other United States political institutions, the Supreme Court confers and withdraws benefits, both material and symbolic, and can under some circumstances rearrange the ecology ofExpand
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Attention to Issues in a System of Separated Powers: The Macrodynamics of American Policy Agendas
Theories of agenda setting ignore the macrodynamics of shifts in attention to policy issues in the American system of separated powers. Changes in attention to issues emerge from interactions betweenExpand
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