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Effects of Pilates and aqua fitness training on older adults’ physical functioning and quality of life
A 6-month intervention program is an appropriate tool to improve overall physical performance of healthy, inactive older adults, regardless of the type of exercise concerning Pilates or Aqua fitness, but might improve only some aspects of QOL. Expand
Improving Flexibility and Endurance of Elderly Women Through a Six-Month Training Programme
A half-year-long training program can considerably improve the physical performance elderly adults need in everyday life, as shown in the results of this study. Expand
Health awareness, motor performance and physical activity of female university students
Health awareness, motor performance and physical activity of female university students Study aim: To assess body composition, health awareness and cardiorespiratory fitness in female universityExpand
The Coach-Athlete Relationship in Successful Hungarian Individual Sports
The purpose of this qualitative study of coach-athlete relationships was to utilise perspectives and experiences of four well-known male coaches and one male Olympic medalist from each of theExpand
As regards psychological determinants, self-determination, sacrifice, and coping with pressure are all necessary mental skills for success in ice hockey. The aims of this study were to identify thoseExpand
Motivation and motivational climate among elite hammer throwers
Summary Study aim: The purpose of the study was to explore the characteristics of the motivational factors and the motivational climate of elite hammer throwers in the most prestigious and mostExpand
Goal orientation and perceived motivational climate in Hungarian athletes with physical and visual disabilities and in able-bodied athletes
Achievement orientation and perception of motivational climate were studied in 59 athletes with physical disabilities (46 men and 13 women) and 58 able-bodied university athletes (23 men and 35Expand
A preliminary study to investigate the influence of different teaching styles on pupils’ goal orientations in physical education
Via a Greek sample of 75 sixth grade pupils, the influences of teaching styles on pupils’ goal orientations were investigated. LAPOPECQ was distributed twice, before and after the application of theExpand
Specific Heart Rate Values of 10-12-Year-Old Physical Education Students during Physical Activity
IntroductionIn the last few decades there has been an observable decrease in physical activity and, with that, an increased level of sedentariness among children (Doak et al., 2006). Contributing toExpand
How are quality of life and preferred values viewed by Hungarian adults
The purpose of this study was to reveal the characteristics of quality of life, activities, and value systems of the adults participating in our survey. Within these factors, we paid specialExpand