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Guidance on tiered risk assessment for plant protection products for aquatic organisms in edge-of-field surface waters
EFSA‘s Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues (PPR) was tasked to revise the Guidance Document (GD) on Aquatic Ecotoxicology under Council Directive 91/414/EEC (SANCO/3268/2001 rev.4Expand
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A European test of pesticide-leaching models: methodology and major recommendations
Testing of pesticide-leaching models is important in view of their increasing use in pesticide registration procedures in the European Union. This paper presents the methodology and major conclusionsExpand
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Pesticide contamination of groundwater in western Europe
In recent years, many measurements have been made of residues of pesticides in shallow and deep groundwater in western Europe. Some triazine herbicides and their transformation products have beenExpand
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Preferential flow of bromide, bentazon, and imidacloprid in a Dutch clay soil.
Leaching to ground water and tile drains are important parts of the environmental assessment of pesticides. The aims of the present study were to (i) assess the significance of preferential flow forExpand
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Modeling the Influence of Sorption and Transformation on Pesticide Leaching and Persistence
Pesticide leaching to ground water at 1 m depth and pesticide persistence in the plow layer were calculated with a mathematical model for a sandy soil continuously cropped with maize (Zea mays L.)Expand
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Scientific Opinion on the science behind the development of a risk assessment of Plant Protection Products on bees (Apis mellifera, Bombus spp. and solitary bees)
The PPR Panel was asked to deliver a scientific opinion on the science behind the development of a risk assessment of plant protection products on bees (Apis mellifera, Bombus spp. and solitaryExpand
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Testing MACRO (version 5.1) for pesticide leaching in a Dutch clay soil.
Testing of pesticide leaching models against comprehensive field-scale measurements is necessary to increase confidence in their predictive ability when used as regulatory tools. Version 5.1 of theExpand
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Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Plant health, Plant protection products and their Residues on a request from Commission related to the appropriate variability factor(s) to be used for acute
In a batch of food items previously treated with a pesticide, the residue of the pesticide remaining on/in single food items at the time of consumption varies between items, due to a variety ofExpand
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Pesticide Leaching from Agricultural Fields with Ridges and Furrows
In the evaluation of the risk of pesticide leaching to groundwater, the soil surface is usually assumed to be level, although important crops like potato are grown on ridges. A fraction of the waterExpand
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Development of a framework based on an ecosystem services approach for deriving specific protection goals for environmental risk assessment of pesticides.
General protection goals for the environmental risk assessment (ERA) of plant protection products are stated in European legislation but specific protection goals (SPGs) are often not preciselyExpand
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