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The Greeks Overseas: Their Early Colonies and Trade
The nature of the evidence the background the eastern adventure the Greeks in Egypt Italy, Sicily, and the west the north and the Black Sea.
Periglacial geomorphology
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The history of Greek vases : potters, painters and pictures
In this volume, Boardman examines the functions of vases in ancient Greek life and culture, and as messengers of style and subject. He relates the processes of identifying the artists themselves,
Greeks overseas
Athenian black figure vases : a handbook
Athenian black figure vases bear the work of consummate artists, like Exekias, who depicted on them scenes of myth and everyday life which deepen our knowledge and understanding of Greek antiquity.
Painted Funerary Plaques and some Remarks on Prothesis
  • J. Boardman
  • History
    The Annual of the British School at Athens
  • 1 November 1955
Throughout the history of figure-decorated pottery in Attica the artists also painted flat clay plaques for use as dedications. In addition, for a limited period of a little over a century we find