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TARGET ARTICLE: Immersive Virtual Environment Technology as a Methodological Tool for Social Psychology
Historically, at least 3 methodological problems have dogged experimental social psychology: the experimental control-mundane realism trade-off, lack of replication, and unrepresentative sampling. We
Subjective, physiological, and behavioral effects of threat and challenge appraisal.
The applicability of R. S. Lazarus and S. Folkman's (1984) cognitive appraisal model of stress was examined in 3 laboratory experiments involving the repeated performance of active (Studies 1, 2, and
Interpersonal Distance in Immersive Virtual Environments
Results indicated that participants maintained greater distance from virtual humans when approaching their fronts compared to their backs, and gave more personal space to virtual agents who engaged them in mutual gaze.
Social influence within immersive virtual environments
[Social psychology is] an attempt to understand and explain how the thought, feeling, and behavior of individuals are influenced by the actual imagined, or implied presence of others. Gordon Allport,
Cognitive and physiological antecedents of threat and challenge appraisal.
A central role for cognitive appraisal processes in elicitation of threat and challenge responses to potentially stressful situations is suggested.