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Cross�?Country Rankings in Intergenerational Mobility: A Comparison of Approaches from Economics and Sociology
Abstract This paper summarizes research on the relative level of intergenerational mobility – whether classified by income, education or social class. The literatures on education and income mobilityExpand
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Accounting for Intergenerational Income Persistence: Noncognitive Skills, Ability and Education
We analyse in detail the factors that lead to intergenerational persistence among sons, where this is measured as the association between childhood family income and later adult earnings. We seek toExpand
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Changes in intergenerational mobility in britain
© Cambridge University Press 2004 and 2009. The extent to which children's economic or social success is shaped by the economic or social position of their parents is a contentious and hotly debatedExpand
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Educational Inequality and the Expansion of UK Higher Education
In this paper we explore changes over time in higher education (HE) participation and attainment between people from richer and poorer family backgrounds during a time period when the UK higherExpand
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Family income and educational attainment: a review of approaches and evidence for Britain
It is widely recognised that, on average, children from poorer backgrounds have worse educational outcomes than their better off peers. There is less evidence on how this relationship has changedExpand
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How much can we learn from international comparisons of intergenerational mobility
This paper summarises research on the relative level of intergenerational mobility – whether classified by income, social class, social status or education – considering observations from 65Expand
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Measuring the returns to lifelong learning
This paper investigates the returns to lifelong learning, which is interpreted as the attainment of qualifications following entry into the labour market. For a number of reasons our analysis of theExpand
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Essays on intergenerational mobility and its variation over time, place and family structure.
This thesis focuses on how the economic status of children is related to their parental income. I begin by measuring the intergenerational earnings mobility of sons in a comparative framework. IExpand
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Explaining Intergenerational Income Persistence: Non-cognitive Skills, Ability and Education
The recent literature on intergenerational mobility in the UK has been focused on measuring the level and change in the relationship between parental income and children’s earnings as adults amongExpand
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Changes in Educational Inequality
This paper looks at changes over time in the extent of educational inequality - defined as educational attainment by people from higher relative to lower income backgrounds. It draws upon householdExpand
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