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Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
In this text the authors develop a propagator theory of Dirac particles, photons, and Klein-Gordon mesons and per- form a series of calculations designed to illustrate various useful techniques andExpand
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Inelastic Electron Proton and gamma Proton Scattering, and the Structure of the Nucleon
A model for highly inelastic electron-nucleon scattering at high energies is studied and compared with existing data. This model envisages the proton to be composed of pointlike constituentsExpand
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Disoriented chiral condensate: Theory and phenomenology
These notes are an abbreviated version of lectures given at the 1997 Zakopane School. They contain two topics. The first is a description in elementary terms of the basic ideas underlying theExpand
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Finite Cosmology and a CMB Cold Spot
The standard cosmological model posits a spatially flat universe of infinite extent. However, no observation, even in principle, could verify that the matter extends to infinity. In this work weExpand
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Intersections 2000: What’s new in hadron physics
Hadron physics is that part of QCD dealing with hadron structure and vacuum structure, almost all of which is nonperturbative in nature. Some of the open problems in this field are outlined. We argueExpand
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From China with love
Particle Physics and Introduction to Field Theory.By T.D. Lee. Pp.865. ISBN hbk 3-7186-0032-3; ISBN pbk 3-7186-0033-1. (Harwood: 1981.) Hbk $59.50, Dfl.170; pbk $19.50, Dfl.60.
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High-Energy Inelastic Neutrino-Nucleon Interactions
We discuss high-energy inelastic neutrino-nucleon inelastic processes in the light of recent theoretical and experimental developments for the . corresponding electroproduction processes. We reviewExpand
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Simple analytical models of gravitational collapse
Most general relativity textbooks devote considerable attention to the simplest example of a black hole containing a singularity, the Schwarzschild geometry. Only a few discuss the dynamical processExpand
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