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Theory of the Impedance of Electron Diffusion and Recombination in a Thin Layer
This paper analyzes the small signal ac impedance of electron diffusion and recombination in a spatially restricted situation with application in systems such as porous TiO2 nanostructuredExpand
Correlation between Photovoltaic Performance and Impedance Spectroscopy of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Ionic Liquids
In this work, we study the characteristics of dye-sensitized solar cells using an ionic liquid as the electrolyte and compare them with the response of a solvent-containing electrolyte cell.Expand
Characteristics of high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells.
  • Q. Wang, S. Ito, +5 authors H. Imai
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The journal of physical chemistry. B
  • 30 November 2006
Impedance spectroscopy was applied to investigate the characteristics of dye-sensitized nanostructured TiO2 solar cells (DSC) with high efficiencies of light to electricity conversion of 11.1% andExpand
Characterization of nanostructured hybrid and organic solar cells by impedance spectroscopy.
We review the application of impedance spectroscopy in dye-sensitized solar cells, quantum dot-sensitized solar cells and organic bulk heterojunction solar cells. We emphasize the interpretation ofExpand
Determination of the electron lifetime in nanocrystalline dye solar cells by open-circuit voltage decay measurements.
Recently, a new class of photoelectrochemical cells based on nanoscaled porous metal oxide semiconductors (dye-sensitized solar cell) has promoted intense research due to the prospects of cheap andExpand
Influence of electrolyte in transport and recombination in dye-sensitized solar cells studied by impedance spectroscopy
The main features of the characteristic impedance spectra of dye-sensitized solar cells are described in a wide range of potential conditions: from open to short circuit. An equivalent circuit mo ...
Defect migration in methylammonium lead iodide and its role in perovskite solar cell operation
In spite of the unprecedented advance of organohalide lead perovskites in the photovoltaics scenario, many of the characteristics of this class of materials, including their slow photoconductivityExpand
CdSe Quantum Dot-Sensitized TiO2 Electrodes: Effect of Quantum Dot Coverage and Mode of Attachment
We have investigated the sensitization of nanoporous titanium dioxide by previously synthesized CdSe quantum dots (QDs) protected with trioctylphosphine. Covering the nanoporous TiO2 films with QDsExpand
Hole Transport and Recombination in All-Solid Sb2S3-Sensitized TiO2 Solar Cells Using CuSCN As Hole Transporter
All-solid semiconductor-sensitized solar cells lack models allowing their characterization in terms of the fundamental processes of charge transport and recombination. Nanostructured TiO2/Sb2S3/CuSCNExpand
Low-temperature processed electron collection layers of graphene/TiO2 nanocomposites in thin film perovskite solar cells.
The highest efficiencies in solution-processable perovskite-based solar cells have been achieved using an electron collection layer that requires sintering at 500 °C. This is unfavorable for low-costExpand