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The Abdominal Morphology of Povilla adusta Navas (Polymitarcidae) and of Ephemeroptera in General
The morphology of the abdomen of the mayfly, Povilla adusta Navas, has been studied from dissections of muscles and nerves in male and female imagines and in a female nymph and a revised interpretation of the genital and postgenital segments of Ephemeroptera is proposed.
The Behaviour of Euphaedra spp. in Relation to Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light (Lep. Rhopalocera)
Different types of behaviour of the genus Euphaedra Hbn. has been noticed in its natural habitat, viz. the lowermost strata of the rain forest, and outside this habitat. Observations, which might
The skeleto-muscular anatomy of the genital segments of male eriocrania (insecta. lepidoptera)
E. subpurpurella stands clearly apart from the other species examined, having retained more plesiomorphies and possessing some striking autapomorphies, probably represents an original and autapomorphicous condition in Lepidoptera.
Honey Bees in Southern Nigeria
Observations on honey bees in the forest region of southern Nigeria suggest that honey bees there have a preference distinctly different from European bees for their nesting site.