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The sexual citizen : queer politics and beyond
Acknowledgements. 1. Sexing Citizenship. 2. Sexual Politics And Sexual Citizenship. 3. Marriage, The Military And The Sexual Citizen. 4. The Sexual And The Social. 5. Sexual Democracy And Urban Life.Expand
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Cosmopolitan Knowledge and the Production and Consumption of Sexualized Space: Manchester's Gay Village
According to }i~ek (1997) the logic of late capitalism offers opportunities for the incorporation of previously marginalised groups, whilst simultaneously dividing them at the same time. TheseExpand
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Authenticating Queer Space: Citizenship, Urbanism and Governance
The focus of this paper is the impact of the 'new urban order' on sexualised spaces in cities. The paper explores how sexual 'others' are conscripted into the process of urban transformation and, byExpand
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The globalization of sexuality
Sexuality and Social Theory - the Challenge of Queer Globalization The Nation and Sexual Dissidence Locating Queer Globalization The Economics of Queer Globalization Queer Postcolonialism QueerExpand
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All hyped up and no place to go
Abstract In this paper we think about the performance of sexual identities in space, and try to explore the notions of transgression and parody implicit in recent queer theory, particularly in theExpand
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Coming out of Geography: Towards a Queer Epistemology?
In this paper I argue that in order to challenge the marginalisation of lesbians, gay men, and other sexual dissidents within the discipline, we need to pay more attention to how geography has beenExpand
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Mundane mobilities, banal travels
All of us are caught up in banal or mundane mobilities, whether it is the walk to the bus stop and catching the bus to town, the daily commute by train to work, the trip by car to the supermarket,Expand
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Geographies of sexuality - a review of progress
This article examines the recent rapid growth of work on the geographies of sexuality. The authors argue that while sexuality has become an area of considerable interest within social and culturalExpand
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‘Like a Bomb in the Gasoline Station’: East–West Migration and Transnational Activism around Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Politics in Poland
This article examines the relationship between East–West migration in Europe and activism around lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) politics in Poland. EU accession in 2004 wasExpand
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What's Eating Manchester? Gastro-Culture and Urban Regeneration
The wide array of new gastronomic establishments in Manchester's city centre symbolise its recent urban regeneration, set in motion by the 1996 IRA bomb that obliterated the Arndale Centre. DavidExpand
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