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Cytotoxic arylnaphthalene lignans from a Vietnamese acanthaceae, Justicia patentiflora.
One new norlignan (1) and five new lignans (2-6) were isolated from the leaves and stems of Justicia patentiflora by a bioassay-guided purification. Five known compounds, carinatone, diphyllin,Expand
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Nitric oxide activates an Nrf2/sulfiredoxin antioxidant pathway in macrophages.
Peroxiredoxins (Prx's) are a family of peroxidases that maintain thiol homeostasis by catalyzing the reduction of organic hydroperoxides, H₂O₂, and peroxynitrite. Under conditions of oxidativeExpand
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Antibacterial Labdane Diterpenoids from Vitex vestita.
A large-scale in vitro screening of tropical plants using an antibacterial assay permitted the selection of several species with significant antibacterial activities. Bioassay-guided purification ofExpand
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Reduction-responsive cholesterol-based block copolymer vesicles for drug delivery.
We developed a new robust reduction-responsive polymersome based on the amphiphilic block copolymer PEG-SS-PAChol. The stability and robustness were achieved by the smectic physical cross-linking ofExpand
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Overexpression of the angiogenic tetrapeptide AcSDKP in human malignant tumors.
BACKGROUND The natural tetrapeptide acetyl-Ser-Asp-Lys-Pro (AcSDKP), generated from thymosin beta4 following its cleavage by prolyl oligopeptidase (POP), is a physiological stimulator ofExpand
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Evidence for an association of high levels of endogenous Acetyl-Ser-Asp-Lys-Pro, a potent mediator of angiogenesis, with acute myeloid leukemia development
Evidence from clinical and laboratory studies suggests that angiogenesis is important in the progression of solid tumours and hematologic malignancies. We have shown that the naturally occurringExpand
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Cytotoxic 3,4-seco-Atisane Diterpenoids from Croton barorum and Croton goudotii.
In a screening program directed to the discovery of new anticancer agents from Madagascan plants, ethyl acetate extracts of Croton barorum and C. goudotii showed strong cytotoxic activity, with 100%Expand
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HLA class II alleles in isocyanate-induced asthma.
Studying genetic factors that control human immune responsiveness may further our understanding of specific types of asthma in which the role of immune factors is uncertain to date. HLA Class II geneExpand
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Epidemiologic investigation of respiratory effects related to environmental exposure to asbestos inside insulated buildings.
The respiratory effects of environmental pollution by asbestos inside university buildings were studied by comparing radiographic, clinical, and functional parameters among three groups of workersExpand
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Epidemiological evidence on the carcinogenicity of silica: factors in scientific judgement.
In view of the extended debate and differing opinions on whether crystalline silica is a human carcinogen, we have reviewed a selection of epidemiological reports, to identify the areas ofExpand
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