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Directly Unproductive, Profit-Seeking (DUP) Activities
  • J. Bhagwati
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 October 1982
This paper propses directly unproductive, profit-seeking (DUP) activities as a general concept that embraces a wide range of recently analyzed economic activities, including the subset ofExpand
The brain drain, international integration of markets for professionals and unemployment; a theoretical analysis
Nearly the entire theoretical literature on the effects of the ‘brain drain’ from the less developed countries on their welfare has. been undert.aken in the framework of neoclassical models of theExpand
The Muddles over Outsourcing
Critics have muddled the public debate over offshore outsourcing by using the term interchangeably to refer to altogether different phenomena such as on-line purchase of services, direct foreignExpand
The Capital Myth The Difference between Trade in Widgets and Dollars
In the aftermath ofthe Asian financial hand, included only "avoidance of restriccrisis, the mainstream view that domi- tions on payments for current transactions" nates pohcy circles, indeed theExpand
New dimensions in regional integration: Regionalism and multilateralism: an overview
The question of ‘regionalism’, defined broadly as preferential trade agreements among a subset of nations, is a longstanding one. As with all great issues, economists have long been divided on theExpand
In Defense of Globalization
Today, the principal focus of anti-globalizers is not the effect of globalization on economic prosperity but its harm to social agendas such as the reduction of child labour and poverty, theExpand
Termites in the trading system : how preferential agreements undermine free trade
Jagdish Bhagwati, an internationally renowned economist known for his insightful analyses and elegant writing, here shines a critical light on Preferential Trade Agreements, revealing how the rapidExpand
Why Services Are Cheaper in Poor Countries
An MOS voltage reference includes four MOS transistors connected in feedback circuit relationship, with the ratio of device width to length being essentially the same in the first two devices inExpand