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Modelling Microstructure and Its Effects during Multipass Hot Rolling
By collaborative work the Sheffield Leicester Integrated Model for Microstructural Evolution in Rolling (SLIMMER) has been developed for hot rolling of flat products. The background physicalExpand
Prediction of fatigue crack initiation for rolling contact fatigue
In finite element (FE) simulations of a twin disc test of a wheel/rail contact, fatigue crack initiation criteria for elastic shakedown, plastic shakedown and ratchetting material responses wereExpand
Mass Spectrometry and Its Applications To Organic Chemistry
Only for you today! Discover your favourite mass spectrometry and its applications to organic chemistry book right here by downloading and getting the soft file of the book. This is not your time toExpand
Mass Spectrometric Study of the Vaporization of Oxide Systems
Features of the Mass Spectrometric Investigation of Vaporization of Oxide Systems Vapours of Oxyacid Salts Oxide Film Deposition Vaporization of Refractory Components Vaporization of Oxide MaterialsExpand
Oxide Scale Behavior in High Temperature Metal Processing
1. INTRODUCTION 2. ROLE OF SECONDARY OXIDE SCALE DURING HOT ROLLING AND FOR SUBSEQUENT PRODUCT QUALITY Friction Heat Transfer Thermal Evolution in Hot Rolling Secondary Scale Related Defects 3. SCALEExpand
Experimental study of the out-of-plane dynamic compression of hexagonal honeycombs
Abstract The out-of-plane crushing behaviour of four types of aluminium hexagonal honeycombs was extensively investigated over a wide range of strain rates where each test was conducted at a constantExpand
Formation and structure of a subsurface layer in hot rolled aluminium alloy AA3104 transfer bar
As a basis for extended studies into the evolution, structure and corrosion properties of the subsurface layers in hot rolled aluminium alloys, the evolution of the subsurface layers in industriallyExpand
The steady state wear behaviour of pearlitic rail steel under dry rolling-sliding contact conditions
Abstract The present study is aimed at studying the onset of steady state wear behaviour of pearlitic rail steel. Wheel-rail contact is simulated by a rolling-sliding line contact. The results showExpand