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The adaptive decision maker
The adaptive decision maker: a look backward and a look forward Appendix Footnotes Bibliography.
Constructive Consumer Choice Processes
Consumer decision making has been a focal interest in consumer research, and consideration of current marketplace trends ( e.g., technological change, an information explosion) indicates that this
Adaptive Strategy Selection in Decision Making.
Abstract : The authors examine the role of effort and accuracy in the adaptive use of decision processes. A computer simulation study that used the concept of elementary information processes
You Are What They Eat: The Influence of Reference Groups on Consumers’ Connections to Brands
The set of associations consumers have about a brand is an important component of brand equity. This paper focuses on reference groups as a source of brand associations, which can be linked to one's
Self‐Construal, Reference Groups, and Brand Meaning
We propose that consumers purchase brands in part to construct their self-concepts and, in so doing, form self-brand connections. We focus on reference groups as a source of brand meaning. Results
Effects of Prior Knowledge and Experience and Phase of the Choice Process on Consumer Decision Processes: A Protocol Analysis
Effects of prior knowledge and experience and phase of the choice on decision processes were investigated using a protocol coding scheme. Consumers with moderate knowledge and experience did more
Discounting Time and Time Discounting: Subjective Time Perception and Intertemporal Preferences
Consumers often make decisions about outcomes and events that occur over time. This research examines consumers' sensitivity to the prospective duration relevant to their decisions and the
Perceived Risk and Its Components: A Model and Empirical Test
A theoretical model and measurement system for perceived risk and its components is developed and empirically tested for nine product types. Regression analysis is used to consider both additive and