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The Development of Cam-Type Deformity in Adolescent and Young Male Soccer Players
Background: Cam impingement is a well-recognized cause of hip pain and might cause osteoarthritis of the hip. Clinically, cam impingement is mostly observed in young, active male patients, but only aExpand
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Extra-axial chordoma.
A chordoma which occurs as a primary tumour outside the axial skeleton is known as an extra-axial chordoma, parachordoma or chordoma periphericum. It is extremely rare and therefore survival,Expand
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Glenoplasty for recurrent posterior shoulder instability. Good results in 13 cases followed for 1-16 years.
After the failure of closed treatment, 13 shoulders in 10 patients with chronic posterior shoulder instability had an open wedge osteotomy of the collum scapulae, with interposition of an autologousExpand
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What is the clinical course of transient synovitis in children: a systematic review of the literature
BackgroundTransient synovitis of the hip (TS) is considered to be a self-limiting disease in childhood. However, because the etiology is unclear and some cases precede Legg-Perthes’ disease, data onExpand
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A long term follow-up study of the development of hip disease in Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI.
Hip problems in Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI (MPS VI) lead to severe disability. Lack of data on the course of hip disease in MPS VI make decisions regarding necessity, timing and type of surgicalExpand
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The course of the radial nerve in the distal humerus: A novel, anatomy based, radiographic assessment
Iatrogenic nerve injury during fracture surgery of the upper arm is a well-known complication. Prevention of this type of injuries would be of great value. The literature describes several methods toExpand
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Intraosseous atypical chondroid tumor or chondrosarcoma grade 1 in patients with multiple osteochondromas.
BACKGROUND The autosomal dominant condition multiple osteochondromas, formerly called multiple hereditary exostoses, is associated with a risk of malignant progression of osteochondroma intoExpand
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A new type of crush injury of the carpus.
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Long term follow-up and development of foot complaints in a surgically treated mirror foot-A case report and review of literature.
BACKGROUND Mirror foot is a rare anomaly and limited long term follow-up information is available. METHODS Seven years after operation a mirror foot patient returned with foot complaints and wasExpand
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Avulsion fracture of the supinator crest as an indication for a sustained posterolateral (sub)luxation of the elbow. A case report, anatomical evaluation and review of the literature.
The treatment of elbow injuries can be challenging because of the complexity of both anatomy and pathology. We present a rare traumatic avulsion fracture of the supinator crest of the ulna in aExpand