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A biochemical model of photosynthetic CO2 assimilation in leaves of C3 species
Various aspects of the biochemistry of photosynthetic carbon assimilation in C3 plants are integrated into a form compatible with studies of gas exchange in leaves. These aspects include the kineticExpand
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On the Relationship Between Carbon Isotope Discrimination and the Intercellular Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Leaves
Theory is developed to explain the carbon isotopic composition of plants. It is shown how diffusion of gaseous COz can significantly affect carbon isotopic discrimination. The effects onExpand
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Photosynthetic Response and Adaptation to Temperature in Higher Plants
INTRODUCTION 492 ECOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF PHOTOSYNTHETIC TEMPERATURE ADAPTATION 493 Photosynthetic Temperature Dependence in Thermally Contrasting Climates ........ 493 Photosynthetic TemperatureExpand
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Physiological and environmental regulation of stomatal conductance, photosynthesis and transpiration: a model that includes a laminar boundary layer
This paper presents a system of models for the simulation of gas and energy exchange of a leaf of a C3 plant in free air. The physiological processes are simulated by sub-models that: (a) give netExpand
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A Model Predicting Stomatal Conductance and its Contribution to the Control of Photosynthesis under Different Environmental Conditions
In the past, stomatal responses have generally been considered in relation to single environmental variables in part because the interactions between factors have appeared difficult to quantify in aExpand
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A Revised Land Surface Parameterization (SiB2) for Atmospheric GCMS. Part I: Model Formulation
Abstract The formulation of a revised land surface parameterization for use within atmospheric general circulation models (GCMs) is presented. The model (SiB2) incorporates several significantExpand
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Coupled Photosynthesis-Stomatal Conductance Model for Leaves of C4 Plants
Leaf based models of net photosynthesis (An) and stomatal conductance (g) are often components of whole plant, canopy and regional models of net primary productivity and surface energy balance. SinceExpand
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Carbon isotope discrimination measured concurrently with gas exchange to investigate CO2 diffusion in leaves of higher plants
Conventional gas-exchange techniques that measure the stomatal conductance and rate of CO2 assimilation of leaves were combined with measurements of the carbon isotope composition of CO2 in airExpand
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Carbon isotopes and water use efficiency: sense and sensitivity
We revisit the relationship between plant water use efficiency and carbon isotope signatures (δ13C) of plant material. Based on the definitions of intrinsic, instantaneous and integrated water useExpand
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Photosynthetic Fractionation of the Stable Isotopes of Oxygen and Carbon
Isotope discrimination during photosynthetic exchange of O2 and CO2 was measured using enzyme, thylakoid, and whole cell preparations. Evolved oxygen from isolated spinach thylakoids was isotopicallyExpand
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