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signSGD: compressed optimisation for non-convex problems
We prove that signSGD can get the best of both worlds: compressed gradients and SGD-level convergence rate. Expand
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Particles, Sources and Fields
Electrodynamics * Two-Particle Interactions. Non-relativistic Discussion * Two-Particle Interactions. Relativistic Theory I * Two-Particle Interactions. Relativistic Theory II * Photon PropagationExpand
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Stochastic Activation Pruning for Robust Adversarial Defense
We propose Stochastic Activation Pruning (SAP), a mixed strategy for adversarial defense. Expand
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Kinetic theory in the expanding universe
Preface 1. Tools: relativity 2. Tools: cosmodynamics 3. Tools: kinetic theory 4. The canonical example 5. The generalized Lee-Weinberg problem: background 6. The generalized Lee-Weinberg problem:Expand
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signSGD with Majority Vote is Communication Efficient and Fault Tolerant
SignSGD is a robust, communication-efficient learning algorithm for large datasets that uses 32× less communication per iteration than full-precision, distributed SGD. Expand
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signSGD with Majority Vote is Communication Efficient And Byzantine Fault Tolerant
We explore a particularly simple algorithm for robust, communication-efficient learning---signSGD. Expand
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Cosmological helium production simplified
The authors present a simplified model of helium synthesis in the early universe. The purpose of the model is to explain clearly the physical ideas relevant to the cosmological helium synthesis in aExpand
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Hitler’s Uranium Club: The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall
Prologue: The Uranium Club.- I: Settling in.- II: The Bomb Drops.- III: Putting the Pieces Together.- IV: Looking to the Future.- V: Looking toward Home.- VI: A Nobel for Otto Hahn.- Epilogue:Expand
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A detailed survey of the experimental information on the neutrino charge, charge radius, and magnetic moment is made. Both weak-interaction data and astrophysical results can be used to give preciseExpand
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