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Targeting of csgD by the small regulatory RNA RprA links stationary phase, biofilm formation and cell envelope stress in Escherichia coli
RprA is a small regulatory RNA known to weakly affect the translation of σS (RpoS) in Escherichia coli. Here we demonstrate that csgD, which encodes a stationary phase-induced biofilm regulator, asExpand
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Novel zinc phthalocyanine as a promising photosensitizer for photodynamic treatment of esophageal cancer.
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has gathered much attention in the field of cancer treatment and is increasingly used as an alternative solution for esophageal cancer therapy. However, there is a constantExpand
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The E3 SUMO ligase Nse2 regulates sumoylation and nuclear-to-cytoplasmic translocation of skNAC–Smyd1 in myogenesis
ABSTRACT Skeletal and heart muscle-specific variant of the &agr; subunit of nascent polypeptide associated complex (skNAC; encoded by NACA) is exclusively found in striated muscle cells. ItsExpand
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Skeletal muscle-specific variant of nascent polypeptide associated complex alpha (skNAC): implications for a specific role in mammalian myoblast differentiation.
NAC (nascent polypeptide associated complex) is a heterodimer consisting of an α and a β subunit. skNAC (skeletal and heart muscle-specific form of αNAC) is a variant of αNAC, which is induced inExpand
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skNAC depletion stimulates myoblast migration and perturbs sarcomerogenesis by enhancing calpain 1 and 3 activity.
skNAC (skeletal and heart muscle specific variant of nascent polypeptide-associated complex α) is a skeletal and heart muscle-specific protein known to be involved in the regulation ofExpand
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skNAC and Smyd1 in transcriptional control.
Skeletal and heart muscle-specific variant of the alpha subunit of nascent polypeptide associated complex (skNAC) is exclusively found in striated muscle cells. Its function, however, is largelyExpand
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Novel zinc‑ and silicon‑phthalocyanines as photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy of cholangiocarcinoma.
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has emerged as an effective and minimally invasive cancer treatment modality. In the present study, two novel phthalocyanines, tetra‑triethyleneoxysulfonyl substituted zincExpand
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siRNA-mediated inhibition of skNAC and Smyd1 expression disrupts myofibril organization: Immunofluorescence and electron microscopy study in C2C12 cells.
skNAC (skeletal and heart muscle-specific variant of nascent polypeptide-associated complex) and Smyd1 (SET and MYND domain-containing 1) form a protein dimer which is specific for striated muscleExpand
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ZNF580 – a brake on Interleukin-6
BackgroundZinc finger protein 580 (ZNF580) was reported to modulate angiogenesis, endothelial homeostasis and blood pressure control. ZNF580 regulated genes include VEGF-A and IL-8. However, it isExpand
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