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Pharmacokinetics of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and stimulation of luteinizing hormone secretion after single dose administration of GnRH incorporated into liposomes.
It was demonstrated that GnRH release from liposomal depots is strongly slowed down, compared with injections of the free hormone, and the resorption of GnRH fromliposomes seems to be less efficient than after i.m. injections ofthe free hormone. Expand
[Experimental endocrinological studies in gilts near the time of ovulation using Gn-RH vet. "Berlin Chemistry"].
The Gn-RH effect was substantially improved by use of an absorption-retarding preparation (polystyrene sulphonic acid) and induction of the luteinising hormone (LH) peak and ovulation in animals with LH peak was decisively improved. Expand
[Steroid hormone levels in follicular fluid of swine with spontaneous estrus and ovulation synchronization].
Drastic decline in oestrogen concentration in pigs with spontaneous oestrus and synchronised ovulation was accompanied by rise of P levels, while T values stayed relatively constant, and positive (P) or negative (E1, T) correlations were found to exist between follicle size and steroid hormone concentration. Expand
[Orientation studies of ovulation release in mice to test gonadotropic preparations. 2. FSH, PMSG and Gn-RH activity].
The doses of FSH, PMSG, and gn-RH effective in terms of triggering ovulation were determined in a mouse ovulation test, and ovulation was regularly induced by Gn-RH doses per animal between 0.01 and 1.0 micrograms. Expand
[Trials to eliminate the sex odor of growing boars through active immunization with an androstenone-protein conjugate].
Pheromones in fat samples were determined by means of gas chromatography during treatment and after slaughter, albeit not significantly, and the nuclear diameters of the interstitional cells of Leydig in testicular sections differed but little, with no significance being recorded. Expand