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Introduction to Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory
There has been substantial progress in recent years in the quantitative understanding of the nonequilibrium time evolution of quantum fields. Important topical applications, in particular in highExpand
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Controlled nonperturbative dynamics of quantum fields out-of-equilibrium
Abstract We compute the nonequilibrium real-time evolution of an O ( N )-symmetric scalar quantum field theory from a systematic 1/ N expansion of the 2PI effective action to next-to-leading order,Expand
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Thermalization of quantum fields from time-reversal invariant evolution equations
Abstract We study the time evolution of correlation functions in closed quantum systems for nonequilibrium ensembles of initial conditions. For a scalar quantum field theory we show that genericExpand
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Nonthermal fixed points: effective weak coupling for strongly correlated systems far from equilibrium.
Strongly correlated systems far from equilibrium can exhibit scaling solutions with a dynamically generated weak coupling. We show this by investigating isolated systems described by relativisticExpand
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Experimental characterization of a quantum many-body system via higher-order correlations
Quantum systems can be characterized by their correlations. Higher-order (larger than second order) correlations, and the ways in which they can be decomposed into correlations of lower order,Expand
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Nonequilibrium time evolution of the spectral function in quantum field theory
Transport or kinetic equations are often derived assuming a quasiparticle ~on-shell! representation of the spectral function. We investigate this assumption using a three-loop approximation of theExpand
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Dynamic critical phenomena from spectral functions on the lattice
Abstract We investigate spectral functions in the vicinity of the critical temperature of a second-order phase transition. Since critical phenomena in quantum field theories are governed by classicalExpand
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Strong versus weak wave-turbulence in relativistic field theory
Nonthermal scaling phenomena can exhibit a characteristic dependence on the dimensionality d of space. For d=3 and 4 we simulate a relativistic scalar field theory on a lattice and compute turbulentExpand
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Implementing quantum electrodynamics with ultracold atomic systems
We discuss the experimental engineering of model systems for the description of QED in one spatial dimension via a mixture of bosonic $^{23}$Na and fermionic $^6$Li atoms. The local gauge symmetry isExpand
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Matter Wave Turbulence: Beyond Kinetic Scaling
Turbulent scaling phenomena are studied in an ultracold Bose gas away from thermal equilibrium. Fixed points of the dynamical evolution are characterized in terms of universal scaling exponents ofExpand
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