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Modified continuous femoral three-in-one block for postoperative pain after total knee arthroplasty.
UNLABELLED We prospectively studied the continuous "modified" femoral three-in-one block for postoperative pain after total knee arthroplasty. Sixty-two patients undergoing elective knee arthroplastyExpand
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Roots of conflict in Solomon Islands - though much is taken, much abides: legacies of tradition and colonialism
THOUGH MUCH IS TAKEN, MUCH ABIDES: LEGACIES OF TRADITION AND COLONIALISM JUDITH BENNETT For many outsiders, the accelerating failure of governments in western Melanesia in the last decade has beenExpand
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Natives and Exotics: World War II and Environment in the Southern Pacific
Ambitious in its scope and scale, this environmental history of World War II ranges over rear bases and operational fronts from Bora Bora to New Guinea, providing a lucid analysis of resourceExpand
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Altered Cardiac Responsiveness and Regulation in the Normal Cardiac Output Type of Borderline Hypertension
Of 145 patients with borderline hypertension, 30% had increased resting cardiac index (QI), whereas the remainder had normal values. The specific aim of this study was to investigate cardiacExpand
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Serotonergic control of prolactin release in male rats.
Abstract To further clarify the relationship between the central serotonergic system and the control of prolactin secretion, we studied the effect of dorsal raphe' lesions, electrical stimulation ofExpand
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Late endocrine effects of administering monosodium glutamate to neonatal rats.
Rats were injected with monosodium 1-glutamate (MSG) daily for the 1st 5 days of life and allowed to mature. This is known to cause selective destruction of neurons in the retina and in the arcuateExpand
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Prevention of hypothermia during hip surgery: effect of passive compared with active skin surface warming.
We have measured aural canal (core) and skin temperatures, and body heat content in 45 patients undergoing elective hip arthroplasty. They received general anaesthesia which included thiopentone,Expand
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Forestry, Public Land, and the Colonial Legacy in Solomon Islands
Independent Solomon Islands inherited lands that the colonial state had acquired and dedicated for forest use. Solomon Islanders became increasingly wary of the government's intentions regardingExpand
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