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Lead Bullet Fragments in Venison from Rifle-Killed Deer: Potential for Human Dietary Exposure
Human consumers of wildlife killed with lead ammunition may be exposed to health risks associated with lead ingestion. This hypothesis is based on published studies showing elevated blood leadExpand
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Corticosterone, body condition and locomotor activity: a model for dispersal in screech-owls
A model that explains natal dispersal in resident screech-owls is presented and examined. The model is based on interactions among hormonal changes, body condition and social stimuli. It predictsExpand
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Effects of Nest Dimensions on Use of Artificial Burrow Systems by Burrowing Owls
Although wildlife managers and researchers frequently use a variety of artificial burrow systems (ABS) to attract or supplement habitat for western burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia hypugaea), noExpand
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A comparison of breeding season food habits of burrowing owls nesting in agricultural and nonagricultural habitat in Idaho
--Through analysis of regurgitated pellets and prey remains collected at nests between 200102, we characterized diet composition of western Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia hypugaea) in the SnakeExpand
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Roadway mortality of barn owls in Idaho, USA
We examined the temporal, spatial, and demographic factors that influenced roadway mortality of barn owls (Tyto alba) along a 248-km stretch of Interstate 84 in southern Idaho using systematic roadExpand
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Patterns of Artificial Burrow Occupancy and Reuse by Burrowing Owls in Idaho
Artificial burrow systems (ABS) have been used to manage populations of the western burrowing owl iAthene cunicularia hypugaea), study their breeding biology, and prevent construction impacts orExpand
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Probability of Detection of Flammulated Owls Using Nocturnal Broadcast Surveys
Broadcasts of conspecific vocalizations are used to increase detection rates on surveys of secretive bird species, yet the assessment of detectability necessary to fully interpret such survey data isExpand
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Territory defense of nesting Burrowing Owls: responses to simulated conspecific intrusion
Abstract To investigate the potential expression of territorial behavior of Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia) in southwestern Idaho, we used a playback protocol to determine if Burrowing OwlsExpand
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Nest-site selection by Eastern Screech-Owls in Central Kentucky
From 1985-l 987 we located 15 Eastern Screech-Owl (Otus asio) nests in central Kentucky. By comparing used nest sites to randomly chosen unused nest sites, we determined which features of the nestExpand
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