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Some archaeomagnetic results from Greece
Many clays and stones contain particles of magnetic oxides of iron. These particles, if heated above their Curie points, which range up to 670° C., lose whatever magnetism they have; and when theyExpand
Gravity and Magnetic Fields Over the Proposed Moho Hole Site North of Maui
D URING 1964 the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics carried out tWO marine surveys of the area north of Maui. These surveys provided the gravity, magnetic, and bathymetric data which will be discussed inExpand
Palaeomagnetism of the British carboniferous system
Abstract Superficially conflicting evidence has been found concerning the direction and sense of the earth's magnetic field in carboniferous times. Various explanations of the results are consideredExpand
Magnetic Studies of Rocks and Sediments Obtained by Deep Drilling
THE MAGNETIC PROPERTIES of the crustal mater ials which may be drilled in Project Mohol e should have man y poi nts of geochemical interest. For example, the magn etic susceptibility, the Curie tempExpand