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Regional vegetation die-off in response to global-change-type drought.
Future drought is projected to occur under warmer temperature conditions as climate change progresses, referred to here as global-change-type drought, yet quantitative assessments of the triggers andExpand
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Water pulses and biogeochemical cycles in arid and semiarid ecosystems
The episodic nature of water availability in arid and semiarid ecosystems has significant consequences on belowground carbon and nutrient cycling. Pulsed water events directly control belowgroundExpand
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The potential roles of biological soil crusts in dryland hydrologic cycles
Biological soil crusts (BSCs) are the dominant living cover in many drylands of the world. They possess many features that can influence different aspects of local hydrologic cycles, including soilExpand
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Nitrogen fixation in biological soil crusts from southeast Utah, USA
  • J. Belnap
  • Environmental Science
  • Biology and Fertility of Soils
  • 1 April 2002
Abstract. Biological soil crusts can be the dominant source of N for arid land ecosystems. We measured potential N fixation rates biweekly for 2 years, using three types of soil crusts: (1) crustsExpand
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The introduction of nonnative plant species may decrease ecosystem stability by altering the availability of nitrogen (N) for plant growth. Invasive species can impact N availability by changingExpand
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The world at your feet: desert biological soil crusts
Desert soil surfaces are generally covered with biological soil crusts, composed of a group of organisms dominated by cyanobacteria, lichens, and mosses. Despite their unassuming appearance, theseExpand
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Biological Soil Crusts: Structure, Function, and Management
The volume comprises 33 chapters and is divided into the following eight Parts:Part I: Taxonomic Composition, Ecology and Biogeography of Soil-Crust Communities * Part II: Heterotrophic Components ofExpand
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Biological Soil Crusts: Ecology and Management
In the technique for fiberizing glass by the use of a centrifugal spinner delivering glass streams into an attenuating blast, a novel spinner construction is provided, and provision is also made forExpand
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Microbial colonization and controls in dryland systems
Drylands constitute the most extensive terrestrial biome, covering more than one-third of the Earth's continental surface. In these environments, stress limits animal and plant life, so life formsExpand
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Roads as Conduits for Exotic Plant Invasions in a Semiarid Landscape
Roads are believed to be a major contributing factor to the ongoing spread of exotic plants. We ex- amined the effect of road improvement and environmental variables on exotic and native plantExpand
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