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TrES-1: The Transiting Planet of a Bright K0 V Star
We report the detection of a transiting Jupiter-sized planet orbiting a relatively bright (V = 11.79) K0 V star. We detected the transit light-curve signature in the course of the TrES multisiteExpand
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A New Spectroscopic and Photometric Analysis of the Transiting Planet Systems TrES-3 and TrES-4
We report new spectroscopic and photometric observations of the parent stars of the recently discovered transiting planets TrES-3 and TrES-4. A detailed abundance analysis based on high-resolutionExpand
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The double-mode nature of the HADS star GSC 00144-03031 and the Petersen diagram of the class
The double-mode pulsation of GSC 00144-03031 has been detected when searching for COROT targets. A very large dataset composed of 4722 photometric measurements was collected at six observatories inExpand
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Limits to the planet candidate GJ 436c
We report on H-band, ground-based observations of a transit of the hot Neptune GJ 436b. Once combined to achieve sampling equivalent to archived observations taken with Spitzer, our measurementsExpand
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TrES-4: A Transiting Hot Jupiter of Very Low Density
We report the discovery of TrES-4, a hot Jupiter that transits the star GSC 02620-00648 every 3.55 days. From high-resolution spectroscopy of the star, we estimate a stellar effective temperature ofExpand
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Handbook of Exoplanets
This state-of-the-art reference work includes over 15 sections dealing with all aspects of exoplanets and exobiology research, including historic aspects, the Solar System as a template, objects atExpand
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Transit timing analysis of the exoplanets TrES-1 and TrES-2
Aims. The aim of this work is a detailed analysis of transit light curves from TrES-1 and TrES-2, obtained over a period of three to four years, in order to search for variabilities in observedExpand
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A search for solar-like oscillations in the stars of M67
Results are presented from a large observational project directed toward the detection of solar-like oscillations in an ensemble of open cluster stars. Seven groups collaborated in 1992 January toExpand
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Kingdom of Kush
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