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Conformation and aggregation of melittin: dependence on pH and concentration.
Melittin, a 26-residue peptide from bee venom, is transformed from a largely random to a largely alpha-helical conformation at elevated pH. At 3 x 10(-5) M melittin, circular dichroism spectra show aExpand
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Ultraviolet absorbance changes accompanying the denaturation of soluble collagen and antelocollagen.
  • R. Doyle, J. Bello
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  • 28 June 1968
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Interaction of sodium dodecyl sulfate with tyrosyl chromophores in ribonuclease A and model compounds.
Abstract Ultraviolet difference spectra, solvent perturbation difference spectra, and temperature perturbation difference spectra indicate that tyrosyl residues of model compounds are affected byExpand
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Studies on bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A and model compounds in aqueous 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol. I. Amino acid solubility, thermal reversibility of ribonuclease A, and preferential hydration of
Abstract For X-ray investigations, RNase-A is crystallized from a mixture of 55% 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol (MPD) and 45% water. Interactions of RNase-A and amino acids with this solvent have beenExpand
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The mechanism of gelation of gelatin. The influence of pH, concentration, time and dilute electrolyte on the gelation of gelatin and modified gelatins.
Abstract The effects of concentration, pH, time and dilute electrolyte on the melting points of gels of gelatin and chemically modified gelatins have been investigated. At 1–5% concentration theExpand
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Conformational studies of anionic melittin analogues: Effect of peptide concentration, pH, ionic strength, and temperature—models for protein folding and halophilic proteins
Melittin (MLT), a 26‐residue cationic (net charge +5 at pH 7.2) peptide from bee venom, is well known to be a monomeric, approximately random coil; but when its charges are reduced by titration, byExpand
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Conformational changes in melittin upon complexation with an anionic melittin analog
Melittin and its Glu‐(7,21,22,23,24) analog upon mixing in equimolar concentrations form a hybrid oligomer with significant helical structure, in conditions in which each peptide separately adopts aExpand
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Tertiary Structure of Ribonuclease
A model is proposed of the polypeptide chain in bovine pancreatic ribonuclease based on a 2 Å electron density map involving 7,294 reflexions and data from seven heavy atom derivatives. The moleculeExpand
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Poly ICL-CM dextran: an interferon inducer of reduced toxicity.
We have prepared soluble complexes of poly ICL-CM dextran that are as effective interferon IFN inducers, in mice and in rhesus monkeys, as poly ICLC. Toxicity testing was carried out in mice and,Expand
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Probable protein crosslinking with tetranitromethane.
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