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Consultation planning to help breast cancer patients prepare for medical consultations: effect on communication and satisfaction for patients and physicians.
PURPOSE To measure the prevalence of communication barriers between breast cancer patients and their physicians and to present the results of a study evaluating the impact of two visit preparationExpand
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Monitoring the implementation of Consultation Planning, Recording, and Summarizing in a breast care center.
OBJECTIVE We implemented and monitored a clinical service, Consultation Planning, Recording and Summarizing (CPRS), in which trained facilitators elicit patient questions for doctors, and thenExpand
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Implementing decision and communication aids to facilitate patient-centered care in breast cancer: a case study.
OBJECTIVE Decision Services (DS) provide support for breast cancer patients at the University of California, San Francisco to help ensure patient-centered care. METHODS We examined a case study toExpand
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Expanding the reach of decision and communication aids in a breast care center: a quality improvement study.
OBJECTIVE One academically based breast cancer clinic implements decision and communication aids as part of routine clinical care. This quality improvement study aimed to expand reach of theseExpand
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Evaluation of a visit preparation intervention implemented in two rural, underserved counties of Northern California.
OBJECTIVE Evaluate satisfaction with visit preparation at three rural resource center sites. METHODS The resource centers sent eight employees and two volunteers for training at UCSF inExpand
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Building bridges between physicians and patients: results of a pilot study examining new tools for collaborative decision making in breast cancer.
PURPOSE To present the results of a pilot study testing an intervention designed to improve the quality of medical consultations between breast cancer patients and physicians and, in particular, toExpand
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Training community resource center and clinic personnel to prompt patients in listing questions for doctors: Follow-up interviews about barriers and facilitators to the implementation of consultation
BackgroundVisit preparation interventions help patients prepare to meet with a medical provider. Systematic reviews have found some positive effects, but there are no reports describingExpand
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Oncologist use of the Adjuvant! model for risk communication: a pilot study examining patient knowledge of 10-year prognosis
BackgroundOur purpose was to collect preliminary data on newly diagnosed breast cancer patient knowledge of prognosis before and after oncology visits. Many oncologists use a validated prognosticExpand
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Potentially ineffective care. A new outcome to assess the limits of critical care.
OBJECTIVE To examine the limits of the effectiveness of critical care through the study of patients for whom it was ineffective. DESIGN We studied the relationship between resource use andExpand
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Shared decision making in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee: results of a randomized controlled trial.
BACKGROUND Despite evidence that shared decision-making tools for treatment decisions improve decision quality and patient engagement, they are not commonly employed in orthopaedic practice. TheExpand
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