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Costing psychiatric interventions.
This chapter describes a research instrument - the Client Service Receipt Inventory (CSRI) - which has been developed and extensively applied in order to meet some of the demands and needs for costs in psychiatry. Expand
Economic cost of autism in the UK
The lifetime cost of autism spectrum disorders in the UK is estimated to be approximately £1.23 million, and for someone with ASD without intellectual disability is approximately £0.80 million, after discounting. Expand
Cost effectiveness of telehealth for patients with long term conditions (Whole Systems Demonstrator telehealth questionnaire study): nested economic evaluation in a pragmatic, cluster randomised
The QALY gain by patients using telehealth in addition to usual care was similar to that by patients receiving usual care only, and total costs associated with the telehealth intervention were higher, compared with standard support and treatment. Expand
Inpatient treatment in child and adolescent psychiatry--a prospective study of health gain and costs.
The rigour of measurement here gives the strongest indication to date of the positive impact of admission for complex mental health problems in young people, associated with substantive sustained health gain across a range of diagnoses. Expand
A randomized controlled trial of family therapy and cognitive behavior therapy guided self-care for adolescents with bulimia nervosa and related disorders.
Compared with family therapy, CBT guided self-care has the slight advantage of offering a more rapid reduction of bingeing, lower cost, and greater acceptability for adolescents with bulimia or eating disorder not otherwise specified. Expand
The Social Networks of People with Intellectual Disability Living in the Community 12 Years after Resettlement from Long-Stay Hospitals
Background  The social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities presents a major challenge to services. As part of a 12-year follow up of people resettled from long-stay hospitals, the sizeExpand
Costs and longer-term savings of parenting programmes for the prevention of persistent conduct disorder: a modelling study
Results strongly suggest that parenting programmes reduce the chance that conduct disorder persists into adulthood and are cost-saving to the public sector within 5-8 years under base case conditions. Expand
Cognitive-behavioural therapy for adolescents with bulimic symptomatology: the acceptability and effectiveness of internet-based delivery.
The intervention has the potential for use as a first step in the treatment of adolescents with bulimic symptomatology and participants' views of the intervention were positive. Expand
The economic impact of chronic pain in adolescence: Methodological considerations and a preliminary costs-of-illness study
The client service receipt inventory was specifically adapted for use with parents of adolescent chronic pain patients to collect economic‐related data (CSRI‐Pain) and this method was compared and discussed in relation to other widely used methods. Expand
The Maudsley Outpatient Study of Treatments for Anorexia Nervosa and Related Conditions (MOSAIC): Comparison of the Maudsley Model of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adults (MANTRA) with specialist
Both treatments appear to have value as first-line outpatient interventions for patients with broadly defined AN, with significant improvements in BMI and reductions in eating disorders symptomatology, distress levels, and clinical impairment over time. Expand