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The Carnegie atlas of galaxies
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Atlas of Galaxies Useful for Measuring the Cosmological Distance Scale
A critical first step in determining distances to galaxies is to measure some property of primary objects such as stars of specific types, H II regions, and supernovae remnants that are resolved outExpand
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Books-Received - Carnegie Atlas of Galaxies
Candidate Galaxies for Study of the Local Velocity Field and Distance Scale Using Space Telescope - Part Two - the More Difficult Cases
A sample of 152 galaxies with Hubble types between Sb and Scd are illustrated using photographs taken with the Mount Wilson 100-in. Hooker, the Palomar 200-in. Hale, and the Las Campanas 2.5-m duExpand
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Candidate galaxies for study of the local velocity field and distance scale using Space Telescope. I. The most easily resolved
Photographs for 95 nearby galaxies that have promise of high resolution into individual stars with Space Telescope are illustrated in 21 panels of an atlas. The criteria used to choose the candidatesExpand
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