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A new chemo-evolutionary population synthesis model for early-type galaxies .1. Theoretical basis
We have developed a new stellar population synthesis model designed to study early-type galaxies. It provides optical and near-infrared colors, and line indices for 25 absorption lines. It canExpand
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The warm ionized medium in spiral galaxies
This article reviews observations and models of the diffuse ionized gas that permeates the disk and halo of our Galaxy and others. It was inspired by a series of invited talks presented during anExpand
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The Hα Galaxy Survey ⋆ I. The galaxy sample, Hα narrow-band observations and star formation parameters for 334 galaxies
We discuss the selection and observations of a large sample of nearby galaxies, which we are using to quantify the star formation activity in the local Universe. The sample consists of 334 galaxiesExpand
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Evolutionary phenomena in galaxies
ORIGIN AND EARLY DEVELOPMENT OF GALAXIES Early evolution of galaxies: some introductory comments M. REES Dwarf galaxies D. KUNTH The role of magnetic fields in the evolution of galaxies E. BATTANER,Expand
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AINUR: Atlas of Images of NUclear Rings
We present the most complete atlas of nuclear rings to date. We include 113 rings found in 107 galaxies, six of which are elliptical galaxies, five are highly inclined disc galaxies, 18 are unbarredExpand
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The Outer Disks of Early-type Galaxies. II. Surface-brightness Profiles of Unbarred Galaxies and Trends with Hubble Type
We present azimuthally averaged radial profiles of R-band surface brightness for a complete sample of 47 early-type, unbarred galaxies, as a complement to our previous study of early-type barredExpand
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A new chemo-evolutionary population synthesis model for early-type galaxies .2. Observations and results
We present the results of applying a new chemo-evolutionary stellar population model, developed in a previous paper, to new high-quality observational data of the nuclear regions of twoExpand
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Acute pesticide poisoning among agricultural workers in the United States, 1998-2005.
BACKGROUND Approximately 75% of pesticide usage in the United States occurs in agriculture. As such, agricultural workers are at greater risk of pesticide exposure than non-agricultural workers.Expand
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Antitruncation of Disks in Early-Type Barred Galaxies
The disks of spiral galaxies are commonly thought to be truncated: the radial surface brightness profile steepens sharply beyond a certain radius (3-5 inner disk scale lengths). Here we present theExpand
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