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Social Theory and Religion
Introduction 1. Religion: a social constructionist approach 2. Secularisation 3. The vagaries of religious pluralism 4. Globalisation and religion 5. Social theory and religious movements 6.Expand
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The SAGE handbook of the sociology of religion
PART ONE: THEORIES AND CONCEPTS The Classical Tradition in Sociology of Religion - Randall Collins Assessing Modernities - Kevin J. Christiano From 'Pre-' to 'Post-' to 'Ultra-' Secularisation andExpand
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Religion and advanced industrial society
In this book James Beckford demonstrates that sociologists have much to gain from a strengthening of the connections between general theories about the changing character of modern western societiesExpand
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Religion in prison : equal rites in a multi-faith society
1. Equal opportunities and multiculturalism in prisons 2. Chaplaincy, chaplains, chapels and other faiths 3. Church of England prison chaplains 4. Visiting ministers of other faiths 5. 'Facilitation'Expand
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The Trumpet of Prophecy: A Sociological Study of Jehovah's Witnesses
in this field. To that extent the title of the book is somewhat misleading, since an important aspect of religion in changing Japan is excluded. The evidence presented on the decline of traditionalExpand
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“Start Together and Finish Together”: Shifts in the Premises and Paradigms Underlying the Scientific Study of Religion
The main theme of this article is that the scientific study of religion passed through three stages in its development in the twentieth century. It was well integrated into the mainstream of earlyExpand
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The Insulation and Isolation of the Sociology of Religion
Richard Fenn's view that the sociology of religion faces a methodological and epistemological crisis due to the alleged necessity to separate myth from reality is criticized for concealing the factExpand
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The mass media and New Religious Movements
One of the reasons why some rationalists dislike religion is that it is apparently inseparable from violent conflict. The history of religious wars in Europe and Latin America in particular has oftenExpand
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This article tries to solve a puzzle concerning the notion of public religion. The aim is to understand why contradictory claims are heard in Britain about the place of religion in the public sphere.Expand
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