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Treatment of generalized anxiety in older adults: A preliminary comparison of cognitive-behavioral and supportive approaches.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in older adults has received little attention from researchers, despite evidence that anxiety disorders are a significant mental health problem in this population.Expand
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The experience of sexual desire: Psychological correlates in a college sample
In order to elaborate on available models of sexual desire, we administered a sexual desire questionnaire to 144 college students, ages 18 to 54. Included in this measure were questions concerningExpand
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Is social anxiety associated with impairment in close relationships? A preliminary investigation.
We examined the association between social anxiety and interpersonal functioning. Unlike prior research, we focused specifically on close relationships, given the growing evidence of dysfunction inExpand
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Is Social Anxiety Associated With Both Interpersonal Avoidance and Interpersonal Dependence?
We tested the hypothesis that social anxiety is associated with both interpersonal avoidance and interpersonal dependency. Specifically, we predicted that dependence would be evident inExpand
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Interpersonal processes in the anxiety disorders : implications for understanding psychopathology and treatment
Traditional theories on the anxiety disorders have focused on intrapersonal factors, such as cognitive, affective, behavioral, physiological, and genetic processes. Yet, those who treat and conductExpand
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Differentiating Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults: Distinct Cognitive and Affective Profiles?
Cognitive and affective dimensions of symptomsof anxiety and depression were examined in a sample of283 community-dwelling older adults (ranging in age from65 to 93 years). A principal-axis factorExpand
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Effectiveness of the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale with Older Generalized Anxiety Disorder Patients
To expand the collection of instruments available for assessment of anxiety in the elderly, this report examined the original and revised Hamilton anxiety scales in a sample of 50 older adultsExpand
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Current conceptualizations of sexual dysfunction: A review and an alternative perspective
Abstract Current conceptualizations of sexual dysfunctions are reviewed, focusing upon the disorders of arousal (male erectile impotency and female anorgasmia) and their treatment. The centrality ofExpand
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Behavioral assessment and treatment of panic disorder: Current status, future directions
This article reviews the current status of behavioral approaches to the assessment and treatment of Panic Disorder (PD). One goal in writing this article is to facilitate exchange between the scienceExpand
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Self-Report Assessment of Assertive Behavior
Self-report scales for the assessment of assertive behavior are reviewed. Special attention is devoted to the issues of norms, reliability of measurement, validity, use of factor analytic strategies,Expand
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