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On the Contingent Valuation of Safety and the Safety of Contingent Valuation: Part 1-Caveat Investigator
This article reports the results of two studies aimed at testing and refining a procedure for estimating willingness-to-pay based monetary values of safety using the contingent valuation method. InExpand
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The Impact of Incentives Upon Risky Choice Experiments
Much of the evidence raising doubts about expected utility theory (EUT) comes from experiments involving hypothetical decisions. Most of the rest of the evidence comes from experiments whereExpand
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Objects, decision considerations and self-image in men's and women's impulse purchases.
Current theories in economics, marketing, and psychology fail to explain underlying reasons for impulse buying and, crucially, why certain goods (e.g., clothes) are bought impulsively more thanExpand
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Heuristics and Biases in Diagnostic Reasoning
Six experiments were carried out to examine possible heuristics and biases in the evaluation of yes-or-no questions for the purpose of hypothesis testing. In some experiments, the prior probabilityExpand
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The politics of collaboration as viewed through the lens of a collaborative nursing research project.
Collaborative research has much to offer nursing. However, the collaborative research process is fraught with issues arising from the 'politics of collaboration'. Such politics operate at theExpand
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Does service type influence satisfaction?: A case study of Edinburgh Castle
Abstract Tourism sites often use interpretation to communicate their meaning and influence visitor satisfaction. However, few studies have explored the relationship between satisfaction and differentExpand
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Fielding’s Legacy: Police Reform in the 1780s